Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Years!

Another new year is here, and as usual I have some Permie Homestead goals.  In past years I have rarely met those goals, but this year is different, and in this post I'll explain why, as well as share the goals I have for 2015.

Last year, in October, Kelsey and I finally bought a house on 1.5 acres of land.  It's not as much land as I had been planning on over the years, but as I spend more time here I'm learning that 1.5 acres is a lot more land than I thought it was.  I'm excited to finally have a place where I can design and implement long-term projects that will have a lasting impacts on the lives of my family, my friends, my community, and myself.

I recently saw a quote from Benjamin Franklin that I have never heard before:
Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing.*
That quote, along with the excitement of homeownership, have inspired me not to give up on this blog and just implement permaculture designs without writing about what I'm doing, which I had been contemplating.  Instead, I'm going to make it a priority to update this blog regularly.  If I feel like I don't have anything to write, well that frees up time to do something around the homestead that will probably be worth writing about.  It also keeps me on point... not too much research and reading and instead lots of project and improvement work, so I have something to write about that is worthy of your time.

Sometimes, I set too lofty of goals for myself.  Sometimes, I set the right goals at the wrong time.  This year, I plan on making my Permie Homestead blogging goals the right goals at the right time.  Here are my new year's goals for 2015:
  • I'll write at least 157 blog posts this year.  That's a post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of every week of this year, plus this "bonus" post for New Years.  I reserve the right to go over that number, but will try to write at least that many.
  • I think I have a good shot at doing this and keeping it up, because this year I've done something that I've thought about but never managed to do before.  During the last month I've been writing without publishing, and building a buffer of posts to draw from starting today.  I have enough posts already written that as the speed bumps of life pop up I should have some in the hopper to publish.  I think that if I don't get so far behind in achieving my goals that I get discouraged from continuing to write, I'll be able to accomplish that lofty number of published posts this year.
  • Obviously I have plenty of goals around the homestead this year, especially in the area of food storage as well as other preps, but I won't try to enumerate them here.  Instead, a writing pattern I think I'm going to try to adopt this year is assigning each month some sort of theme or central focus.  I'll discuss the theme of the month and the goals that accompany that theme at the beginning of each month.  
  • The monthly themes will obviously have a lot to do with natural cycles, with spring probably involving gardening and new beginnings, and fall involving food preservation, harvest, etc.  It's been done before, I know, but I think I can put an interesting spin on it.
  • I have several business ideas outside of writing this blog, some involving a permaculture design firm and what that might grow into, and some related to my own education.  As I read interesting things or accomplish notable milestones in my other permaculture ventures, I'll share them on this blog, always keeping in mind that I must write something worth reading, so I'll try to make it useful for you.
  • And of course, once in a while, I'll write some posts on my thoughts about permaculture ethics or principles, homesteading, and life in general.  I never forget that I'd like this to be a window into my life for future progeny, and I hope that my more inner thoughts are at least sometimes interesting to you.  Of course, the best way to let me know is to make a comment in the post and start a discussion with me!
Thanks for reading, and I wish you the best of luck with your goals in 2015.  If there is anything I can do to help you accomplish yours, please get in touch with me and let me know how I can be of service.  And if you're curious, the best way you can help me with mine is to continue reading my blog, and become a part of the permaculture discussion with me!

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