Monday, January 06, 2014

Planning for Spring

I just received the Territorial Seed Company 2014 Spring Gardening catalog in the mail.  This means it is already time to start planning out not only my spring garden, but my spring in general.

With all the freedom and extra time I have right now, I think this year will easily sport the best garden I've ever had.  I may or may not be able to eat vegetables out of it every day, or even every week after food starts to ripen, but I'm certainly going to try in the tiny 35 square feet or so that I have at my apartment complex.  I'm going to try to focus on fermentable vegetables this year, as I'm taking an interest in fermented foods and their health benefits.  Cabbage, beets, cucumbers, garlic, onions, and plenty of others I don't even know yet will go into the garden this year, and I look forward to them very much.

Why the interest in fermentation?  Well, as any good permie has probably already guessed, I recently picked up a copy of The Permaculture Book of Ferment and Human Nutrition, by Bill Mollison.  I haven't yet started reading it, but it's high on my list for the remainder of this winter.  As soon as I read it, not only will I be using what I read to start planning my garden, by I'll also try to do a chapter by chapter review of the book, and help you decide if it might be something you're interested in.

So what else am I planning for the spring?  I'm likely going to apply to become a carpenters apprentice this March, as carpentry might become the single most important skill I could learn at the beginning of the homesteading once we purchase land.  I'm still toying with ideas of self-teaching some of the basics, but being a licensed carpenter is another avenue for income that will help the homestead come sooner rather than later.

Finally, I'm planning on doing my best to take a PDC this year.  I'm keeping my eye open for the next time Geoff Lawton does an online PDC, and I'm going to try to sign up for that before it fills up.  Online classes and learning tend to suit me quite well, and Geoff Lawton is the best there is.

More to come as all these plans unfold.  Thanks as always for reading, and have a great 2014!

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