Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Permie Homestead 4 Year Anniversary

Four years ago today, I published the very first blog post on this site.  It has been an extremely intermittent project for me, and yet I renew my domain registration every year.  Somehow for me, letting this domain go would be equivalent to letting my dream die... and my dream is not dead.

Over the years, I've promised to write more.  I've come up with plans to post consistently and frequently.  I've hoped this blog would become an income stream with which I could accomplish my homesteading goals.  Unfortunately, I've never kept up with those promises.  I attribute this mostly to the fact that I really haven't been doing anything interesting in the homesteading realm.  I live in an apartment, living a very urban/sub-urban life that doesn't at all resemble what I had in mind when I started this blog.  I've read and learned a lot over the years, but I don't really have my boots on the ground, so to speak.

I think, I HOPE, that this year things might be different.  I'm finally on the brink of some kind of homesteading beginning in earnest.  My partner truly is dedicated to building a resilient future.  She is also about to graduate school and is willing to move close to a place where ownership and long-term thinking will actually pay off.  I myself am more educated and ready for what's ahead than I ever have been.

If these things combine into what I hope they will, I'll actually have things to write about.  I'll have chickens and a productive garden, and time to brew and roast and cook and build.  I'll have land that I can plant a tree on and know that I'll be able to harvest the fruits 5 to 10 years down the road, which makes it worth it.  I'll have systems that I rely on that are solely my own... when something goes wrong it's on me, and when things work out I'll be able to be proud of providing for those I care about.

As infrequent as my blog posts are, the Permie Homestead is not dead.  My dream for it is something that is at the top of my mind every single day.  Unfortunately, I don't necessarily make progress towards it on a daily basis, and I blame this fact for my lack of diligence when it comes to posting on this blog.

I think I'm on the verge of getting better.  If you are someone who's been following this blog, get ready for my projects (and reporting of them) to get more consistent.  It might yet be a year or more before I maintain a weekly update, but it's coming, and soon.  I've got 4+ years of permaculture thinking behind me, and land on the near horizon in my future.  Once I have a place to practice my ideas, get ready.  The best is yet to come.

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