Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Put Carbon Back Into the Soil

The following video could be the most important talk ever given:


Obviously, there is a lot of technique that goes into properly managing pasture in order to use the soil to rapidly absorb carbon, but it's just something we need to start doing, and right now.  Personally, I plan on getting a copy of Holistic Management: A New Framework for Decision Making by Alan Savory pretty soon, and reading up on it.  According to Paul Wheaton and some of the other most knowledgeable folks I know, Alan Savory is the man when it comes to range management.  If you want to read up on it as well, please click the link above... if you order it from that link the Permie Homestead Blog gets a small kickback.

I'm working on a much longer post in which I will speculate about the ability of the excess carbon in the air to actually create a far more lush plant environment, but it's probably going to be a ways off (I actually see the potential for it to turn into an academic paper, if I ever take the time to research it enough and expand it accordingly).  For now, watch this video, and start thinking about what you can do to help start pumping carbon back into the soil.

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