Monday, August 27, 2012

PDC's, Classes, and Life in General Updates

As hopefully someone noticed, I missed my Wednesday and Friday posts last week.  I still owe the 2nd part of the Third Ethic post, and I'll have that out this Wednesday.  Last week was a bit hectic for me.  Kelsey and I are at the last minute trying to plan a little getaway for when she's on break between quarters.  The stress and time of planning and figuring that out took me away from writing.

So, onto my updates.  Originally I wanted to do a garden update today, but there are other things that have popped up so I'm writing this now.  I've decided not to try to do the PDC in Community at the Lost Valley Education center this fall.  There is just too much for me to try to figure out in such a short amount of time that I feel like I'd fall on my face.  I know they usually offer it in the spring as well, so I'm going to try to pull it off then instead.  Once I post a fundraising campaign on We The Trees, I'll make sure to link to it in a post and share it with everyone.

Next, I'm not going to the Edible Forest Gardens class that I wanted to go to.  There was room enough in the class for me to get in, but the getaway on Kelsey's break took precedence and so I'll try to see Eric Toensmeier some other time.

On the life in general side, Kelsey and I have started looking at properties out by Hood River, on either the Washington or Oregon side of the river.  There is some land out there that is far more affordable than anything nearby Portland, and in reality its still close enough to Portland to be able to come to the city and see shows, sporting events, friends, etc.  My dream of having 40 acres was starting to dwindle with looking in the Portland area, but out by Hood River and White Salmon (across the river in Washington) there are plots of land even larger than 40 acres that are still affordable.  I'm excited to get out there sometime soon and see what they look like.

Further, we're leaning more and more towards the first structure on our land being a yurt.  An Airstream trailer would be easy and probably a bit cheaper, but a yurt offers so much more space and opportunities for long term use.  I do think that I'd eventually still build something like an Oehler structure or a wofati, but even after I do and we move out of the yurt I think it would continue to be useful, if for nothing other than guests.  So, I'm working on pricing them out a little bit, and I've started drawing some floor plans as well to see how the space might feel.

That's about all for now.  I'll try to be better about staying on track this week.  Thanks for reading!

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