Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Feature: Cancelled

I've found that I'm not very inspired to write the Friday Feature posts.  I keep delaying them, skipping them, etc.  My intent when I came up with the schedule was to keep myself writing, and the Friday Feature is not accomplishing that, so I'm going to do something else.

Really, the Friday Feature was just going to be a regurgitation of facts that I've found elsewhere.  The Edible Forest Gardens books were a good resource, and I used Plants for a Future a lot as well.  Also, building up a sizable and useful database at the rate of one plant a week would've taken forever.  So, I'm going to cancel it.

For now I think I'll replace it with the things I've been writing about on Thursdays... brainstorming/daydream type posts.  I don't know what I'll do on Thursdays now instead, if anything, but I think those will be good thing to write for Fridays, and I enjoy writing them more than I did the Friday Features.

Thanks for reading, and for following along while I evolve the blog!

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