Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Feature: The Friday Feature!

So, today is going to be a little bit of a cop out as writing these is a little more involved than I first anticipated.  So, the first edition ever for the new Friday Feature segment (which is a part of the new structure that I'll be discussing on Monday), is the Friday Feature.  That's right, today I'm going to tell you all about what the Friday Feature is intended to be.

The Friday Feature will cover as much information about any possible design element that I can sensibly fit into a blog post.  So for plants, this will be not just things like USDA hardiness zones and water or sunlight requirements, but also where I think they fit into guilds, what is edible or medicinal, what benefits it offers other design elements, what elements it needs to be supported, what some of its pests are, what beneficial insects it has, etc.

I might also discuss other things, like tools, building designs, static design elements like walls or paths, etc.  For all of these, I'll try to write a comprehensive post so that someone who has never heard of this thing before understands it at a level where they could start to plug it into one of their own designs.

It'd be awesome if people have suggestions for what they'd like to see in the Friday Feature.  I'll probably be writing a lot about plants that are useful to me in the Pacific Northwest, so if you live somewhere else and want a little research done for you on something from your area, let me know!  It'll help me to broaden my horizons by thinking outside of my bioregion.

Thanks for reading my short blog post about the Friday Feature.  Next week, I'll have a real Friday Feature all about the Medlar Tree.

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