Saturday, July 02, 2011

The Permie Homestead Blog is 2 Years Old!

Yes, although there were only 12 posts during the 2nd year of the Permie Homestead blog, it does still exist, and it's the 2nd Anniversary!

Even though I haven't been writing much, I have still been feverishly reading, learning, and planning how I can make my homesteading dream a reality.  Much has happened in the last year that I will summarize when I can, but for now, I wanted to write this brief post to say that I am going to try to write more this year.  I'm finally where I want to be, I have a career that will lead me to my goals, and I feel like I have a lot to write about that isn't just dreaming, it's doing.  Perhaps that will make it easier for me since I'll be writing something that is meaningful and real.

I'm also planning on taking the blog "back to its roots."  As of today, I'm planning on:

  • Demonetizing the blog.  I may still post a review or a link to a book, and yes it will still link to Amazon and if you buy through that link I'll get some tiny kickback, but I feel like that is much less pervasive than the ads that currently run, which frequently were ads for companies I don't necessarily want to support.  Thanks to those folks who clicked on ads for me when I was running them, but from now on I'd like you to enjoy the blog as it is and free of advertisement.
  • I'm going to start treating this more like a personal notebook again, and less like something written for others.  This is largely behind why I am demonetizing the blog.  I want to write something that is a reference for myself when I'm really in the thick of homesteading, and if no one else wants to read it, then so be it.  I can't justify ads on a blog that is kind of a personal notebook.
  • In the style of a personal notebook, I'm going to start trying to include observations and notes that I make around where I'm living now.  For almost anyone else in the world, these will probably have little meaning if any.
  • I'm going to start creating plant fact sheets.  I have accumulated some awesome reference books that talk about temperate climate permaculture and the plants that grow well in those areas, and I want to start writing notes about the plants as I learn about them.  Maybe I'll even start writing a plant of the week piece, or guild of the week.  Based on my posting history though, I don't want to get overly ambitious.
In the coming few posts, I'll try to jot down what has happened in my life over the last year or so, so that some of what I'll start writing will make sense.  For now, I'm just glad that my homestead dream has been running strong for over 2 years!

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