Friday, August 20, 2010

Lazy Friday Link

I've been on a forest gardening kick ever since seeing the video by Geoff Lawton last weekend.  I'm planning another post about forest gardening and how I plan to use it in my own homestead someday, but it isn't quite ready to post yet.  So until then, I thought I'd share another great site that I follow that is about forest gardening.

Landed - Forest Gardening is written by a gentleman named Simon living in the UK who already has an established forest garden.  I find his posts an enjoyable read, with lots of great photographs to compliment his observations.  Simon even throws in an occasional time-lapse video, which I find particularly awesome.  I read the blog section of his website mostly, but I also find the rest of his site a fantastic resource.  If you're interested in forest gardening, his is a site you must check out.

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