Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What Level Mountain Man Are You?

My friend found this web comic and shared it with me tonight.  It's a fun joke about different levels of mountain men.

A fun coincidence happened when I read it.  Without reading the "powers" in the right hand column, I decided I was a Level 3 Mountain Man, working hard on leveling up to Level 4.  Then, I read the powers in the right hand column, and a Level 4 Mountain Man has "Sustenance of the Land - Can fully live off the land.  Can supply his own food and shelter."  That is the next level I attain, and that's what I'm trying to do with homesteading!  I look forward to leveling up to Level 16 and only speaking to "mortal men" in woodland riddles.  I also look forward to being able to fully conceal a 5' chopping axe, communicate with all woodland creatures, having a medium-level animal companion (peregrine falcon is my choice), hibernate for up to 4 months, and to be able to transform into an animal for long-distance travel.  I've got some work to do!!

I know this isn't my usual type of post, but it was just too fun not to share with you.  What level Mountain Man are you?

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