Thursday, October 29, 2009

Permie Homestead News

I have finally found some time to write.  I have yet to find a job here in Tucson, but some other personal things have settled down and given me more time.  So, I will be updating the website more often than earlier this month.  I plan on trying to wrap up my "Permie Homestead Unified Beliefs" series by next Friday.  Also, my roommate and I are going to begin (and possibly finish) construction on our raised beds in the backyard on Saturday.  I know November is way later than most people would start planting, but Tucson's weather is funky, and I plan on experimenting.  Even failures have something to teach me (such as don't wait until November to plant winter crops, even in Tucson).  I will post our progress on the beds with pictures and plans, so come back soon to see how it turns out.

Next, as I mentioned in my last post, I mailed off my application for the internship at the Bullock Homestead on Friday last week.  I will find out next Friday, November 6th, if I am selected for an interview or not.  If I am, I feel very confident that I will be selected to be an intern, because I think my passion and interest in permaculture and self-sufficiency will really come through, and they'll see that I'm the kind of person you can hang out with for 7 months.  I also find out this month whether or not I'm selected for an Earthship internship in Taos next March, so November will bring me a lot to blog about.  If I get selected for one or both internships, I'll make sure to keep you updated on what I'm doing to prepare, and if I don't get selected for either (that's not gonna happen though right? Knock on wood), I'll have to rethink my entire strategy for beginning my journey into homesteading, and I'll have a lot to post about then too.  So again, keep coming back often to see what's up with me!

I have been seeing a lot of increased traffic to my blog in the last week or so, and to everyone who is new to reading my site, I want to say welcome!  A big thanks to David at PermaculturePower.  His site is a tremendous Permaculture resource and one I visit daily to learn something about self-sufficiency, ecology, or permaculture.  It never disappoints.  If you have not visited, please do.  Also, if you are interested in following me on my journey, please make sure to follow me on Twitter, follow me through Blogger, or subscribe to an RSS feed that will show up in your favorite feed reader.  All of these options are available on the right sidebar.

Also, please feel free to share your thoughts by leaving me a comment on a post you've read, sending me an email, or even calling me through Google Voice (see the button on the sidebar).  I have a long road ahead of me, and hearing from people who are already walking down the path of permaculture, homesteading, and self-sufficient freedom, or who are interested in starting like me, helps me stay motivated to walk that path myself.

Finally, if you REALLY like what I'm planning on doing, and want to support it financially in some way, here is how.  The easiest way to help with that is to click on one of the Google ads found below my posts.  If you see an ad that catches your attention, don't be afraid to click it!  Google ads are safe and trustworthy, and even though it will only send a few cents my way, it helps me pay for my web hosting costs for this website.  Please, just don't go crazy with clicking them, Google is a good partner and host, and you should only click on ads that you are truly interested in seeing.  The other, also easy, but much bigger way for you to help me is to donate to my Land Fund.  Just click on the Donate button in the right sidebar and follow the directions on the following pages.  I receive donations through PayPal, so your donation is safe and through a trusted site as well.  I know asking for donations is asking a lot, so I wrote an FAQ about why you should donate and how I will use the money, to help assuage your fears.  That FAQ can be found by clicking here.  Big or small, I appreciate every donation and will remember you when my homestead is finally up and running.

Whether or not you can donate money or choose to click on ads, please show your support by continuing to visit and read my site, and share your thoughts with me.  I have a lot to learn and a world of people to learn it from, so please help me out and let me know what you think!

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