Monday, September 14, 2009

My Permie Homestead Unified Beliefs: Introduction

I have mentioned in a couple of posts, (such as my last post) that I hold many beliefs that are not always easily reconciled with each other.  Up until I discovered permaculture, and in particular until I had formulated the idea of starting my Permie Homestead, I had a hard time figuring out how to understand myself and my sometimes conflicting sets of ideas.  I have decided to write a series of posts about those ideas, to illustrate the power I found in permaculture and homesteading to describe many different and seemingly disparate ideas inside of a cohesive framework.  I won't always necessarily be describing my own conflict with my ideas prior to discovering permaculture, but instead I will focus on writing about what ideas I have, and how I think they relate to the permaculture ethic, permaculture design principles, and my thoughts on homesteading.  The posts will be labeled "My Permie Homestead Unified Beliefs," and will consist of five parts after this introduction.  In these posts, I will write about:
  1. My belief that everything comes down to food.
  2. My thoughts on the climate crisis, resource shortages, peak-oil, etc., and how they all relate to over-population.
  3. My thoughts on the economy, taxes, and money; and why localization, not globalization, is the direction in which the world needs to turn.
  4. Some of my political beliefs, how some of them conflict, and even the "political party"  I sometimes think about trying to start.
  5. My ideas about individual freedom, how it can be achieved, and how it relates to self-sufficiency and sustainability. I will then close this post trying to explain how all of my thoughts in these posts relate to my ideas for my Permie Homestead.
I have many more, but I fear that ranting about my personal beliefs anymore than that would be too presumptuous.  I close this introduction with the important (to me) idea that starting my Permie Homestead is the way that I think I will most effectively be able to impact all of the topics I mention in these posts, and have a positive impact on my friends, family, community, and the world.

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