Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lettuce Update: Day 62; & Tomato Update: Day 28

I haven't posted pictures of my plants in a while. The tomatoes started to germinate about a week and a half ago, and to avoid root complications I pulled all of them but one. As for the lettuce, I've made a salad or two from the lower leaves, which are delicious. The lettuce plants are going a little crazy though, getting a little leggy, because it is still rather hot in my house. About a week ago I planted a new crop of lettuce seeds, and two of them have popped up, so hopefully those plants will not get so out of control since it is starting to cool off, and my swamp cooler is starting to work a little bit better.

Here are the pictures:

My baby tomato plant.

The plant on the left (yes, there are three lettuce plants in there) is the one that is very leggy and sad looking. It is hard to tell, but the plant on the right is doing quite well. The one in the middle gets shaded out too much and is not so great. But, I've eaten leaves off of each plant, and they are all delicious, if sometimes a bit wilty.


  1. I love your idea. I'm from Calgary, Alberta in Canada and live on 4.5 acres. We have our own vegetable garden which allows us to eat local. My goal which is similar to yours is called the 100 mile diet. Essentially, eating only those foods that originated within a 100 mile radius. Supporting local. Growing local and living off the land. If you google 100 mile diet, you can learn more.


  2. Thanks Candice,

    I am a big fan of the concept of the 100 mile diet. I plan (hopefully) to be a farmer that can help people achieve their 100 mile diet if they are trying. Once I am established, I would like to either provide my produce and livestock to a local CSA, or become a CSA myself, to help people eat food grown nearby to them. Also, as an educational center, I certainly plan to teach people who visit me the merits of eating local food and supporting local food economies. Thanks for reading!