Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lettuce Update: Day 34

I have finally brought myself to thin out my lettuce plants. I felt bad about choosing which plants would live, and which would suffer an early demise. But I had to do it. I guess they're about halfway grown now, so soon I should be able to enjoy a couple salads from them. Here is a picture of the plants leftover.

I made a very tiny salad from the 4 plants I thinned. The plant on the left of the picture probably has as much greenery as the 4 I thinned out had altogether. Here is a picture of the lettuce that I thinned. Delicious!!

I didn't feel it would be right to make a salad with homegrown, organic lettuce, and store-bought tomatoes/cucumbers/whatever. So I just put a little vinaigrette on the lettuce and ate it plain. Very crisp, delicious taste, not at all sour or bitter. I'm glad because I was worried about the heat in my house making the lettuce taste awful. Seems like it was doing pretty well though.

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