Friday, July 17, 2009

GOTu San Diego

I'm taking a mini-GOTu (what's a GOTu?) and heading to San Diego from July 17th to July 26th. I probably won't be posting much, though I'll try to get at least one update on my lettuce in. (Yes, I'm bringing my lettuce with me. It will be the most well-traveled organic lettuce around.) While I'm in San Diego, I'll be attending a lecture about the food we eat(pdf) and how it might contribute to climate change. I'm sure it's about eating food that isn't local and how that ups your carbon footprint since it has to travel so far to get to your plate, but I'm hoping there will be some other interesting stuff discussed. Plus there's gonna be free food, so who can pass that up? I'll try to post about it if it's interesting. Thanks for reading!

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