Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cob House Workshop

I discovered a cob house workshop while talking with my friend Graham today. I'm planning on living in a cob house for at least the first few years after I buy my homestead land. I think I will try to go to this workshop, though it's a little expensive. The workshop is in Coquille, OR, and information on it can be found at this link. If I can afford to go and there are still spots available, I'll be going from Sep. 12-20th. I'm guessing that should be a decent time to be in coastal Oregon. If you're interested in cob housing or earthen building in general, check out the Cob Cottage website. And if you have information on any other good cob housing classes I might be able to attend, please post them in the comments.


  1. My DH took that course this year! He said it was AMAZING! You won't be disappointed. He learned so much and wants to go back as a family. Since that class he has started on his own COB structure. Good Luck to you!!

  2. Thanks Leia. I'm not positive I'm going to be able to go to the one I wanted to, because I might not be able to afford it, but I'll go to one of the Cob Cottage seminars eventually. Thanks for reading! I checked out your blog, it looks like you have a lot of exciting stuff! I can't wait until I'm actually working on projects that I can put up like you have!

  3. I believe there is a much cheaper workshop in Disputanta Kentucky,not sure about the website but i think you can find it with the name of the town. Good luck,Mel